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Real World Machine offers a couple of handy ACT, SAT, and GRE score converters.

Updates slated for Law School Predictor and Med School Predictor

An updated version of Law School Predictor is slated for a November 2014 release An updated version of Med School Predictor is slated for an October 25, 2014 release.

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New Versions Almost Here for LSP, MSP, and MBAP!

Version 5.0 of Law School Predictor for top 100 law schools is set for an August 26 release, while the next public beta of Med School Predictor is set for a September 16 release (updated), and the next public beta of MBA Predictor is set for a September 30 release.

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New Versions of Predictors Arriving Summer 2013

Updates will be published for all three of Real World Machine LLC’s admission prediction engines this upcoming summer. Look out for changes to Law School Predictor, Med School Predictor, and MBA Predictor.

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Available: $12/Hour Job Involving Data Entry Project

Job Description: Real World Machine LLC is looking for someone who would be willing to update admissions data for two of our projects (websites):  MBA Predictor (approximately 240 MBA programs) and Med School Predictor (approximately 170 MD and OD programs). Research involved should be minimal, and no knowledge or familiarity with our prediction algorithms is required. In …

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