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GRE Score Converter

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS) changed in August 2011 with a number of revisions to the testing format, questions, and scoring scale. You can find out more information, convert your GRE score from old-to-new or convert your GRE score from new-to-old and estimate your GRE percentiles. GRE is a registered trademark of ETS.

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– Changes from the pre-August 2011 GRE to the new GRE –

Verbal Reasoning
• No more analogies
• No more antonyms
• More reading comprehension questions
• May be asked to highlight a sentence in a passage to answer a question
• More fill-in-the blank word (into a sentence) vocabulary questions
• May be asked to independently select up to three different words for three different blanks for one statement or set of statements.
• Now two sections of approximately 20 questions versus pre-August 2011 one section of 30 questions
• 30 minutes per Verbal Reasoning Section

Quantitative Reasoning
• Calculator is now available on-screen
• May be asked to type in the answer, i.e. you have to calculate the correct answer and key it in … without being able to pick between five multiple-choice answers
• Less geometry-related problems
• More data analysis and interpretation problems
• Now two sections of approximately 20 questions versus pre-August 2011 one section of 30 questions
• Now 35 minutes per Quantitative Reasoning Section

Analytical Writing
• Essay topics will be more focused

• The GRE is now longer both in terms of number of questions and the time allotted for the overall test.
• You can review and change answers within the section you are testing in … the second section for Verbal/Quantitative Reasoning will change difficulty depending on your performance on the respective first sections of Verbal/Quantitative Reasoning
• Grading scale changed to a 130-170 point scale with one-point increments