Marriott Rewards Point Calculator
Marriott Rewards Point Calculator:  
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Room Rate | Nightly  
Taxes | Stay  
relevant if using co-branded card    
e.g., meals, movies, etc.    
select mileage partner for miles or    
select "Marriott" for Rewards points    
only relevant for Platinum,    
air miles gift not available except at    
Ritz-Carlton and Edition brands    
only relevant for Gold and Platinum;    
forego breakfast for points when    
no lounge open at Autograph, Delta    
JW Marriott, Marriott, or Renaissance;    
# of Nights Without Lounge Access  
must be <= total # of nights    
Seasonal Point Promotions Input  
2,000 points per stay after first stay    
May 27 through September 4, 2017    
2,000 points for each different brand    
May 27 through September 4, 2017    
Other Promotions  
enter other bonus points earned from    
any ongoing promotion for this stay    
Co-Branded Credit Card Input  
Using Co-Branded Credit Card  
MR = "Marrriott Rewards"    
SPG = "Starwood Preferred Guest"    
Point Earning Summary Value  
Total Rewards Points Earned  
Rewards Points Earning Rate  
taxes and ineligible folio spending    
Point Earning Details Points  
Regular Points Earned  
Elite Status Bonus  
Platinum Arrival Gift  
No Hotel Lounge & No Breakfast  
Seasonal Point Promotions    
MegaBonus: 2+ Stays  
MegaBonus: Different Brand Stay  
Other Promotions  
Subtotal: Rewards Points Earned  
before co-branded card spending    
Co-Branded Credit Card Bonus  
including points earned on    
tax and ineligible folio spending;    
any SPG points earned are converted    
automatically by the calculator to    
Marriott Rewards points.    
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