Use the Hilton Honors Points Calculator to determine how many Hilton Honors points you will earn on your next stay at any of the 17 Hilton brands. The calculator was last updated in July 2020.

If you also stay at Marriott, we have a calculator to determine how many Marriott Bonvoy points you will earn on your next stay, too.


Instructions and details are included below the calculator. The calculator will auto-update as you enter information about your stay. The calculator is powered by JavaScript. If you are experiencing blank or invalid results, try refreshing your browser.

You can also learn more about how much Hilton Honors points are worth.

Hilton Honors is a trademark of Hilton, Inc. This calculator is not endorsed by Hilton, Inc.

Hilton Honors Points Calculator: Instructions and Explanations

Hotel Brand

Select the Hilton brand for your stay. You can only select one brand at a time. All 17 of Hilton’s hotel brands are included in the calculator:

  • Canopy
  • Conrad
  • Curio Collection
  • DoubleTree
  • Embassy Suites
  • Hampton Inn
  • Hilton
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Hilton Grand Vacations
  • Home2 Suites
  • Homewood Suites
  • LXR Hotels and Resorts
  • Motto
  • Signia Hilton
  • Tapestry Collection
  • Tempo [coming soon]
  • Tru
  • Waldorf Astoria


Enter the number of nights for your stay.

Room Rate

Enter the nightly room rate for your room, including any mandatory resort fees, but excluding taxes. If you are staying multiple days and your room rate changes during your stay, use the average room rate across all of the nights of your stay as your room rate. For example, if you are staying three nights with nightly rates of $170, $185, and $203, you would enter your average rate of “$186” as your room rate in the calculator.

If you are using a “Points & Money rate,” you should only enter the money portion in this field. For example, if you are staying one night with a room rate of $120 + 30,000 Honors points, enter only the $120 in the field.


Enter the taxes for your room rate per night. You do not earn Hilton Honors points directly on lodging taxes paid, but you will earn bonus Hilton Honors points if you use a co-branded American Express credit card to pay for your stay, since the credit card issuers will issue you bonus Hilton Honors points for all spending at Hilton brands, including taxes.

Other Folio Charges for Stay

Enter the total (and not nightly) cost of anticipated “folio charges” from your stay, other than your room rate. Eligible charges include food and beverage, telephone, laundry, pay-per-view movies, entertainment and recreational facilities, and other incidental charges…all of which must be posted to your room folio in order to be points-earning eligible.

You cannot incur eligible folio charges at Hampton, Home2 Suites, Homewood Suites, or Tru; only your room rate is eligible for earning points at these brands. The calculator automatically tracks whether or not your folio charges are eligible, based on hotel brand, when calculating how many points you will earn.

Hilton Honors Elite Status Level

Select your elite status in the Hilton Honors program at the time of your stay. Basic non-elite membership in the Hilton Honors program is called “Blue.” Blue members should select “None” as their elite status tier.

MyWay Hotel Benefits

Gold and Diamond elite members can choose a welcome amenity of either additional bonus “Points” or “Food” — breakfast, at brands that do not offer free breakfast to all guests, or snacks and water/beverages — dependent on the hotel brand and your “MyWay” benefit selection.

In some instances, Diamond members may receive both the food and the bonus points at some brands. If applicable, the calculator will automatically add the Diamond MyWay bonus points even if you select “food” or “other.”

Waldorf Astoria guests can select among other amenities. If you select “Silver” or “None” as your elite status, your welcome amenity selection will not affect your point calculations.

Points Unlimited Promotion

From January 6, 2020 through September 7, 2020, all guests registered for this extended Winter/Spring 2020 promotion will receive 2,000 bonus points per stay, plus an additional 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights.

Registration is free. You can register for the promotion through your online Hilton Honors account.

Pay with Co-Branded Credit Card

You receive additional points for paying for your stay with a co-branded American Express card. The rate at which you earn points per dollar spend varies by card:

  • American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Card: 14x points
  • American Express Hilton Honors Surpass Card: 12x points
  • American Express Hilton Honors Surpass Card: 7x points

The calculator assumes you are using the U.S. versions of these co-branded credit cards.

Hilton Honors Points Calculator: Results

Total Hilton Honors Points Earned

This figure equals the total number of Hilton Honors points that the Hilton Honors Point Calculator estimates you will earn for your stay based on the input you provided. The Points Earning Details section at the end of the calculator provides a breakout of how this figure was calculated.

Estimated Value of Points

This figure equals the estimated cash value of the total Hilton Honors points the calculator estimates you will earn for your stay. The calculator uses Real World Machine’s latest value for one Hilton Honors point.

% Rebate Based on Points Earned

This figure equals the percentage rebate you are receiving back from your spending, based on the value of the points earned divided by the total spent. Taxes are only included if using a co-branded credit card.

Points Earned per $1 on Room Rate

This figure represents how many Hilton Honors points you will earn per dollar spent on your room rate (and eligible folio charges) for your stay. Elite status, seasonal promotion, and co-branded credit card bonus earnings are included in the calculation. MyWay hotel benefits, taxes, and ineligible folio spending (i.e., non-room-rate folio spending at brands that do not award Honors base points for folio spending) are not factored into the calculation.

Base Points Earned

Guests earn 10 base points per dollar spent on room rate and eligible folio charges except at Home2 Suites and Tru, where guests earn 5 base points per dollar spent on room rate. The only eligible folio charges at Hampton and Homewood Suites are the room rate.

Elite Status Bonus

Diamond elite members receive a bonus equal to 100% of base points earned. Gold elite members receive a bonus equal to 80% of base points earned. Silver elite members receive a bonus equal to 20% of base points earned.

MyWay Bonus

Diamond and Gold elite members may elect to receive a fixed point bonus per stay, depending on the brand, as their MyWay Hotel Benefit selection. At many brands, Diamond members automatically receive a fixed point bonus, in addition to their other MyWay benefits.

Seasonal Promotion Bonus

Hilton often runs seasonal promotions in which Hilton Honors members can earn bonus points. Criteria varies based on the promotion.

Co-Branded Credit Card Bonus

You receive additional points for paying for your stay with a co-branded American Express card. The rate at which you earn points per dollar spend varies by card:

Ineligible folio spending (i.e., folio spending that does not earn base points) and taxes paid on your stay are eligible for these additional co-branded credit card points.