Marriott Bonvoy Points Calculator
Your Stay
Hotel Brand
Room Rate per Night
excludes resort fees
Taxes and Resort Fees per Night
earns points with co-branded card
Other Qualifying Charges for Stay
e.g., meals, in-room movies, etc.
Your Status and Preferences
Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status Level
In Hotel Welcome Gift
welcome amenity at certain brands
for Ambassador, Titanium, and Platinum;
Gold receives points (no choice)
Days with Closed Lounge
at certain brands with Platinum or higher
status and when guaranteed
lounge access and receiving points;
exceptions apply
Seasonal Promotions
Endless Earning
1,500 points bonus on 2+ night stays
July 2 through Sept. 16, 2019
Co-Branded Credit Card
Pay with Co-Branded Credit Card
MB = Marriott Bonvoy
Total Marriott Bonvoy Points Earned
Estimated Value of Points Earned
at $0.007 USD each
% Rebate Based on Points Earned
including taxes and resort fees
only if using co-branded credit card
Points Earned per $1 on Room Rate
including increased earning rate from
elite status, and co-branded card
Detailed Results
Base Points Earned (2.5x, 5x, or 10x)
Elite Status Bonus
In Hotel Welcome Gift
Closed Lounge Points
Seasonal Promotion Bonus
Co-Branded Credit Card Bonus
including points earned on
taxes and resort fees
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