Real World Machine provides information and calculators for travel and rewards programs, including airlines, hotels, rail, rental cars, and credit cards.

Based in the United States, the site was established in 2011, initially conceived as an eclectic collection of various online calculators and converters.


Calculators can be used to determine things like which credit card is best to use, how many points you will earn on your next hotel stay, or simply the cash value of the points you have accumulated in a particular rewards program.

And if you want to find out which hotel chains offer free dinner (or free breakfast), or simply just want to know which hotel chains are comparable to each other, Real World Machine has got you covered there, too.


Evan Didier is the executive editor of Real World Machine, which he publishes as a hobby and to share the travel and credit card calculators he creates with others. Aside from collecting travel and credit card points, he also collects LEGO sets and mini-figures.

His publishing experience includes serving as chief technology officer of the Virginia Law Weekly, technology editor and managing board member of the Virginia Tax Review, website editor of the Vanderbilt Orbis, editorial board member of the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal, and associate editor of the Llama Ledger.