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Amtrak Guest Rewards World Mastercard

Calculator: Which Credit Card to Use

Maximize your rewards and find out which of your credit cards is the best to use based on the type of purchase.
Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

Best Credit Cards for Drugstores and Pharmacies

There are a few credit cards that either provide increased rewards or award at least 2% cash back for purchases for drugstores and pharmacies.
Six One-Dollar Bills Fanned Out (USD)

Early Retirement Calculator Using Savings Rate

This early retirement calculator can determine how many years remain before you can retire, based on just your savings rate.
American Express Platinum Card

Obtaining Elite Status with Credit Cards

Many co-branded credit cards offer elite status in various frequent flyer and rewards programs for airline, hotel, rail, and rental car travel providers. Sometimes, card holders receive elite status simply for being a card member...this is especially true for co-branded hotel credit cards.