A Lyft Pink monthly membership makes sense if you spend at least $133.27 each month on Lyft fares, excluding taxes and tips. It can also make sense if you take a few long scooters rides each month.

You may get additional value from Lyft Pink if you regularly get picked up at the airport, cancel and rebook rides, or leave items behind in Lyft vehicles.

How Lyft Pink Works

Lyft Pink launched in October 2019 and costs $19.95 per month. It auto-renews every month until you cancel. You can also pause your membership for up to 12 weeks at a time.

Lyft Pink membership provides you with the following:

  • 15% off your fare for all Lyft rides
    • includes Shared, Standard Lyft, Lyft XL, Lux Black XL, Lux, and Lux Black rides
    • does not apply to taxes or tips
  • Priority airport pickup when it is busy at applicable airports
    • faster pickup is not guaranteed
    • excludes airports where Fast Match is available
      • LGA, MDW, PDX, and SAN are all Fast Match airports
  • Reimbursed cancellation fee if you cancel your Lyft ride and then re-book a ride within 15 minutes
    • limited to three cancellation fee reimbursements per month
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Three bike or scooter rides per month at no charge, limited to 30 minutes per ride and only available in select markets
    • bike benefit is available in the following metro areas:
      • New York, NY (Citi Bike)
      • San Francisco, CA (Bay Wheels)
      • Washington, DC (Capital Bikeshare)
    • scooter benefit is available in the following cities :
      • Atlanta, GA
      • Austin, TX
      • Columbus, OH
      • Denver, CO
      • Dallas, TX
      • Los Angeles, CA
      • Miami, FL
      • Minneapolis, MN
      • Nashville, TN
      • Oakland, CA
      • Phoenix, AZ
      • San Antonio, TX
      • San Diego, CA
      • San Jose, CA
      • Washington, DC
      • Effective November 2019, Lyft announced they were pulling all scooters out of the Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix, and San Antonio markets

You cannot use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, commuter benefits, or prepaid/gift cards to cover the monthly membership fee, although you can still use these payment methods to pay for your rides.

Lyft Pink Value: 15% Discount and Scooter Rides

Assuming you only value the 15%-off benefit, you need to spend at least $133.27 per month on Lyft fare, excluding taxes and tips, to come out ahead on the cost of a Lyft membership.

This means you’re likely going to have to take 6-12 rides per month to break even, unless you’re taking particularly long and expensive Lyft rides.

The only other way to really get significant value out of a Lyft Pink membership is to utilize the scooter benefit for longer scooter rides. Scooter rides cost a flat rate of $1 plus an additional $0.26 per minute. Thus, a 30-minute scooter rental costs $8.80.

Assuming you take three 30-minute scooter rides each month, which maximizes your scooter benefits, you get $26.40 in value, which exceeds the $19.95 monthly membership fee. Alternatively, two 30-minute scooter rides plus one Lyft ride (with a $15.67+ fare), would also get you to break-even.

The bike benefit is far less valuable than the scooter benefit. Bike rides vary a bit in cost by city, but you can generally expect to pay a flat rate of between $2 to $3 for the first 30 minutes of your rental. At most, you’d be getting $9/month in value in free bike rides with Lyft Pink.

Value of Other Lyft Pink Benefits

The cancellation fee and lost item benefits that Lyft Pink provides do have value, but they are likely to go under-utilized.

The reimbursed cancellation fee benefit is capped at three reimbursements per month. Since the cancellation fee per ride is between $5 and $10, depending on the type of ride, the maximum value of this benefit is $30/month. It’s also important to note that you will only be reimbursed the cancellation fee if you re-book a ride within 15 minutes of cancellation.

While it may depend on your locale, there’s a good chance you’re not even averaging one cancellation a month, especially since the cancellation fee only applies when you cancel 2+ minutes after the driver accepts the ride and the driver is due to arrive within five minutes of the original estimated arrival time.

Shared rides may incur the cancellation fee if you cancel after the driver accepts (no grace period).

There is a $15 lost item fee that Lyft charges if you request that your driver returns an item you left behind in the vehicle. This can be a valuable benefit if you tend to leave items behind, but a better long-term plan would be to avoid losing items in the first place.

Priority airport pickup is a nice perk, but it’s unclear how this actually works in practice. Since Lyft hasn’t provided any statistics about time savings, it doesn’t make much sense to place a high value on this benefit, even if you do get picked up from the airport regularly. Furthermore, airports with Fast Match, where you show a pickup code in your app to your Lyft driver, are excluded.

Finally, Lyft Pink promises access to special offers and promotions. Consider these a nice-to-have feature that probably won’t carry much actual value.


Unless you regularly cancel rides and/or lose items, a Lyft Pink membership is only going to be worthwhile if you spend $133.27+ per month on Lyft fares or can make good use of the three 30-minute scooter rides that you receive each month.