As of October 2019, an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan mile is worth approximately $0.016 USD. This means 1,000 Mileage Plan miles are worth about $16.00 USD, and 50,000 AAdvantage miles are worth about $800.00 USD.

This also makes Mileage Plan miles slightly more valuable than American or Southwest miles, which are all valued at $0.014 and $0.015 USD each, respectively. It also makes them significantly more than valuable than Delta, JetBlue, or United miles, which are all valued at $0.012 USD each.

Flyers earn 100% of miles flown on Alaska Airlines, with bonuses of 25%, 50%, and 75% depending on fare type/class of service.

Those with the highest elite status level, MVP Gold 75K, get a 125% miles bonus, meaning they earn a total of at least 225% of miles flown when flying Alaska (and up to 300% if flying first class on Alaska).

The co-branded Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card earns three Mileage Plan miles per dollar spent with Alaska Airlines and one mile per dollar spent elsewhere.

This works out to an effective rebate of 4.8% at Alaska Airlines and 1.6% on all other purchases.

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