Points Value Calculator: 35+ Airlines, Hotels, Credit Cards, and More

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Six One-Dollar Bills Fanned Out (USD) - Real World Machine

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The points value calculator can calculate the value of your points or miles at 35+ major travel rewards and credit card rewards programs, including airlines, hotels, online travel agencies, rail, and rental cars. The calculator was last updated in October 2019.


Points Value

The value of one point or mile was determined from the redemption value of a point or mile in the respective rewards program in USD. This is based on when the redemption is applied to maximize the value of the redemption, resulting in the best usage of points.

For instance, using your hotel loyalty program's points on booking a room at an upscale international property can often be one of the most valuable redemption of points, when compared to spending cash on a reservation at the same property.

For more information on how these values were determined, check out our article on Point Values for Travel Rewards Programs.

A minimum number of points is usually required for most redemptions. For most programs, the best use of points is not the cashback, gift card, or shopping portal redemption option, especially for the credit card rewards programs from American Express, Chase, and Citi.

The calculator automatically updates when you enter information. Additional details can be found after the calculator. The calculator is powered by JavaScript. If you are experiencing blank or invalid results, try refreshing your browser.

Travel and Credit Card Rewards Programs

The points value calculator includes the following 35+ travel and credit cards rewards programs:

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